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2004-04-11 日記

2004/04/11 星期日 By 小宗宗


光看到那龐大的控制器就讓人害怕.控制器大概有20個按鈕,三個stick和三個腳踏板.光啟動機器的流程就頗複雜.小宗宗本來要買的.但是二代是純上網對戰遊戲.且之前網友測試速度要求是上傳最低要384k以上.台灣ADSL 384k上傳太貴了.實在玩不起啊.只好放棄.不過也許台灣Live正式上市後.說不定可以一打一勉強連線.順便一提.忍者外傳真的不錯玩.已排入中程採購計畫內.

There’s a trial for the game called “Steel Battalion" in front of NOVA near Taipei main station this noon.I think this is the most complex console game I have ever seen.The controller is really big.The control unit has 3 sticks and lots of buttons on it,and it also has 3 foot pedals.I just want to buy one,but the game require 384k upload speed to play online game.I will wait for someone testing on 128k and decide to buy it or not.

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2004-04-8 日記

2004/04/08 星期四 By 小宗宗


I haven’t updated my diary for a long time(actually,it’s only 3 days).Am I busy studying?Not exactly.^_^
I got six (or more) phone call from chunghwa Telecom.It started form that I required to upgrade my ADSL speed.It looked like a simple thing.Just call 123 and told them u want to upgrade ADSL speed.Then just wait and use.But they told me can’t upgrade for some reasons (they don’t know why).They told me that there’s something wrong with the computer data (Really?).I still don’t know if the speed can upgrade or not.Tomorrow will know that.Let’s wait and see.

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2004-04-4 日記

2004/04/04 星期日 By 小宗宗


今天跑去匯錢,小宗宗預購了XBOX Live的套件.記得今年2月電玩展覽XBOX就有放出消息說今年四月就會推出大家期待已久的Live套件.意外的是竟然沒延期(目前是沒有延期啦).真的在四月底推出,看來PS2已經完全輸掉啦(不過PS2好玩的遊戲比XBOX多很多).
I send remittances for a XBOX Live today.Remember the game exposition in February?M$ said that the XBOX Live kit for TW will available in April and it’s Apil now.The Live kit started to pre-order on the Internet and even in the convenient store.The greast thing is that u can use mic to chat each other while u are playing.It’s more fun
than type in game.I can’t wait it.

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2004-04-1 日記

2004/04/01 星期四 By 小宗宗



Today is April Fool’s Day.Did anyone be fooled?
I’ve upgraded my cpu cooler.The new cooler is very huge and bigger than the original one form Intel.The chinese name of this product is called “God of Tower".Pertty good,isn’t it. ^^
Because the cooler is huge and heavy (near 1kg).So the Original RM (Retention Module) need to be changed.The package of cooler includes a rock-steady RM for u to fit the cooler.It’s not easy to install the cooler.After almost an hour,I assembled the cooler completely.I started test the cooler in Windows.The result was amazing.The CPU temperature was less 10 degree than used the old cooler.The greatest thing was the fan can turn slower then before and it’s quiet.

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2004-03-29 日記

2004/03/29 星期一 By 小宗宗


今天來談談友人改造電腦power的計畫.因為power的風扇太吵了.所以打算改成可調速的方式.本來打算用串接可變電阻的方式,零件也買好了.小宗宗測試也沒啥問題.後來經高人指點才發現問題可大了,因為一般市面上的可變電阻VR攻率都不大,稍微計算一下發現VR要承受2w以上的功率.一般的VR沒法承受這麼大的瓦數.只好另外想辦法啦~後來msn上多方討論詢問後.發現有顆LM317 IC可以調整電壓,電流可以到0.5A以上,DL到datasheet後,裡面也有現成的應用電路圖可以看.非常完美.傳給友人看過後.就等他的實驗結果啦^^

My friend want to reform his power supply for PC because the fan is very noisy.He try to DIY a small circuit to adject the fan speed and makes it silence.We decide to use VR to do this,but someone told that the current is too high and the VR will be burned-out.Then I thought that there’s an IC called LM317 can help it.LM317 is a IC that can adjust the output volts and we can change the volts to control the fan speed.This looks better than use the VR.I think it will work.

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2004-03-27 日記

2004/03/27 星期六 By 小宗宗

小宗宗墮落啦~今天一早上上課都在睡覺,不知道為何,大概是今天上課太無聊.都講很文言文的英文閱讀測驗.主題又是小宗宗不感興趣的歷史之類的.中午跑去西門町晃晃.意外逛到國賓戲院那裡.看到正好在演機動殺人(Taking lives),檢查錢包.嗯~夠錢,查看開演時間與人潮,都OK~就跑去窗口買票了.買完後忽然回過神來.唔~下午不是應該要唸書的嗎XD既然票已經買了.那將錯就錯啦~

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2004-03-26 日記

2004/03/26 星期五 By 小宗宗


嗯~沒錯.裡面有20~30台各種不同類型的網路電台.不過大多都是西洋的啦~有分pop,classic,country,electronica…等.小宗宗最愛Japan-A-Radio,Magnatune Classical和Mak Radio.第一台是整天都播日本Jpop和動畫歌曲,雖然歌不是非常新,不過還是不錯聽.Magnatune Classical看就知道是古典音樂台,唸書的時候聽這台最好.Mak Radio是歸類在pop類型.幾乎都是美國流行歌曲.蠻不錯的.感覺有點像ICRT.而且它的radio list是隨時更新的,可以隨時保持最新的電台列表.
Today I want to introduce a amazin software called iTunes.This iTunes can manage your thousands of mp3 music perfectly.But I didn’t use iTunes for manage my mp3 music.I used for listening internet radio.
There’s more than 30 internet radio in iTunes radio list and it always updates from iTunes server.
You may ask how much does iTunes cost.It’s a freeware.Just try it,you will love it.Download form HERE.

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2004-03-25 日記

2004/03/25 星期四 By 小宗宗



I’ve reinstalled three times WinXP for the computer(not mine).It often crash for no reason.When I installed WinXP and wanted to install SP1 and it crashed.Then it can start WinXP anymore.I think I would install it tomorroy.

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2004-03-24 日記

2004/03/24 星期三 By 小宗宗



I D.I.Y. a PCB that lets P3 main board can use USB port in front of the PC case.It was easy for me.Just buy some components and combined it.I like D.I.Y. stuff because it can save some money and some kind of stuff u have to D.I.Y.You can’t buy one from the market.

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2004-03-23 日記

2004/03/23 星期二 By 小宗宗


今天有意外發生,本來傍晚行程是這樣的 公車->七張捷運->台北車站->NOVA->晚餐->補習 結果竟然第一段就出現意外,造成行程全大亂,話說小宗宗正在公車上看英文在看的時候,一陣緊急煞車,全車乘客大驚,原來是有行人闖紅燈,撞到人啦~司機趕緊下車查看.小宗宗趕時間,所以就趕緊下車去等別台公車了.被撞到的好像是一個小孩.沒事.只是小小的碰撞.沒大礙.不過還是搞了一下子.小宗宗就迅速跳上另一台公車啦~不過坐下來一陣子之後.才忽然發現這台公車是數十線裡面唯一沒有經過七張捷運站的公車,會不會太好運啊@@趕緊看看路線圖,重新規劃行程 敦化捷運->光華商場->台北車站->補習,價差是增加32元,時間也增加30分鐘,因為這公車狂繞大半個台北市,這時候又是塞車時段,所以花很多時間啊~最後終於完成今天的任務.可惜晚餐沒有吃.來不及啊@@

There’s an accident when I went to the GRE class this evening.The bus hit a girl who ran the red light however there’s no casualties.I was a doodle that got off the bus and take another unknown bus.I just found that this bus didn’t go the same route as the bus I take before.So I had to cost NT$32 and 30mins more to Taipei main station.But I like it,even it cost a little more.

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